Founded in 2003 by collectors Michael Allgood and Gregory Campbell, the partners started out by attending antique shows in Southern California and wowing the crowds with their enormous California pottery collection. Word spread and they soon became known up and down California as, "The Pottery Guys".

In 2005 Greg took his gemology certification and they expanded into jewelry, antique furniture, decorative objects and fine art. Mike and Greg's as it is today was born when the pair moved to 57th Street Antique and Design Center in 2010. Within a year they were excited to be receiving requests for Mike's design services. As the business has grown it has come to reflect the passions of its owners more and more, simply a commitment to quality and beauty and having fun. 


Who we are


Michael Allgood

Art historian, husband, father, and crossword zealot Michael is a California native. After thirty-five years in educational management Michael retired fifteen years ago to pursue his first love, the fine and decorative arts. He has never looked back. 

Michael began collecting in his early twenties and now takes great joy in helping others develop their collections. 

Gregory Campbell

Gemologist, husband, father, and gourmet enthusiast, Gregory is originally from the South but relocated to California in 1990. A respiratory therapist, when Gregory is not hunting for diamonds he is saving lives and stamping out disease. 

A passion for beautiful things and the science behind them led Gregory to become an antique jewelry specialist.